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Joining the many that have converted over to this from LJ. Whee!

Now to start the importing of the old LJ.
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Play with me
A shiny new toy
Until I break
Play with me

Take my hand
Pull me into the rabbit hole
I am scared
Take my hand

Hold me tight
Like a stuffed bunny
On a stormy night
Hold me tight

Tuck me in
Secured dream space
Under your wing
Tuck me in

Play with me
Take my hand
Hold me tight
Tuck me in
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Happy Birthday Girl Scouts! 100 years... WOW!

I am thankful for all the GS have taught me, mostly how it has exposed me to so much more than I would have ever found in suburbia. So many of the people I call friends now are a direct result of my participation in Girl Scouting.

I wish I were able to go home for the big Sing Along on the Mall, but it does not look like it is in the cards. I will have my own little sing along here in TX.

grlsctgnbad: (Sleepy MaineCoon) Awwww... I want a special needs furball! The biggest problem with me reading this blog is the desire to have a pet of my own!

That is all for now.
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I recently did some pet sitting... I wish that the humans had read this before I did so. :)
Amazing what taking the time to write a little information down does for both the sitter and the pets! Seriously!

I know I posted about this blog before. Did I mention it is my best friend's blog? Oh yeah... So go check out what Burgerlicious has to say! :) I know at least one person did... we were looking at the stats from whence the hits on the site came, and there was at least one from my LJ... made me feel good to know someone is reading!


So on a totally different topic... My east coast friends are dealing with earthquakes and hurricanes... but what do we have here in Austin? Spontaneous Combustion!
I was glad not to be at work for this one, but daily I get calls about fires along the highways, often from a carelessly discarded butt. Sigh. Folks we are in a drought! Nothing is green, except the lawns that are being watered by hand or breaking the watering ordinance.

So that is it for now.... *HUGS*
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Hey all you folks on the EAST COAST... please read this great blog post by my best friend.
If you are pet owner, take a moment and bookmark or follow this blog. (shameless plug)

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For my own reference, as this is a new spirit guide that came to me this week in journey.

(the earth angel connection)
DRAGONFLY - lets us see past the illusion, letting light in so that we can see what we need to see to make our lives better. When we've tricked ourselves into believing that the limitations of physical existence prevent us from changing and growing Dragonfly medicine teaches us to pierce our self-created illusions. Dragonfly reminds us to let our colors shine by using the light within.

(whats your sign)
These symbolic meanings of dragonfly are particularly associated in Asian (Japan) and Native American (Plains region) circles.
As a creature of the wind, the dragonlfy totem represents change. It's iridescent wings are incredibly sensitive to the slightest breeze, and so we are reminded to heed where the proverbial wind blows - lest we run into stormy weather.
Dragonflies are also creatures of the water, and any creature whose habitat is in, or around water carries symbolism relative the the subconscious, or "dreaming" mind and thoughts.
This is because in the animal world, water is symbolic of the subconscious mind ("deeper mind," "dreaming mind") and relates to the thoughts we have in relaxed/meditative/sleeping/subconscious states.
Dragonflies carry messages that deal with deeper thought - and they ask that we pay attention to our deeper thoughts and desires.
Further symbolic insect meaning of dragonfly comes into play when we observe the dragonfly's mode of transportation as it skitters across the top of water surfaces. This implies that our deeper thoughts are surfacing and we must be mindful of the outcome we wish to have.
The dragonfly is a reminder that when our deeper thoughts rise to the surface we must pay attention - there are lessons to be learned, and we are also reminded that what we think is directly proportionate to what we "see on the surface." ...In short, our thoughts (even the deeper ones that we might not be as in-touch with as we are with our conscious thoughts) are responsible for what we see in our lives - in our physical surroundings.
The dragonfly gives us a very powerful meditation tool. Close your eyes, and focus on a thought - let it rise to the surface of your mind's ocean - see that thought float lightly up to the water's surface. Now upon the top of a smooth, calm glass-like surface - visualize that thought moving across that water - sliding across - smooth and fast.
This exercise is useful when we want to visualize positive outcomes in a situation. We see the thought of hope happily moving across an ocean of peace (peaceful mind) and skitting to a perfect outcome.
Lastly it should be noted that the Dragonfly lives a short life, and it knows it must live to the fullest with what it has. This lesson is huge for each of us. When you see a dragonfly, be aware of the gifts it has to offer by keeping its animal totem meanings in mind.

(Lins domain)
Illusion, the Power of Light

Dragonfly is the power of light.
The dragonfly inhabits two realms: air and water
and the influence of both these elements will be felt by Dragonfly people.
They will be emotional and passionate
during their early years (the influence of water)
and more balanced with greater mental clarity
and control in as they mature (the influence of air).
Dragonfly is the essence of the winds of change,
the messages of wisdom and enlightenment; and the communication from the elemental world.
Dragonfly medicine beckons you to seek out the parts of your habits which need changing.
Call on Dragonfly to guide you through the mists of illusion to the pathway of transformation.
The number 2 is important to Dragonfly,
so think in terms of two year periods when you begin a change.
Dragonfly brings the light and color of transformation into your life.

(animal totem)
Dragonfly eggs are laid within their territory near the water. Once hatched, these nymphs will live nearly two years on the bottom of streams and ponds. As they reach adulthood an amazing thing occurs, they transform into dragonflies and ascend to the air. In the air, they travel with wings that sparkle with spectacular colors by reflecting and refracting light and other colors. No insect or bird can maneuver as well as a dragonfly. Flying up to 30 mph, they will twist, turn, move up and down, fly backwards, even change directions instantaneously and still will spot movement 40 feet away.
The power of Dragonfly lies in its ability to see around things by looking from different angles. Using its ability to transform colors and lights by reflecting and refracting them, Dragonfly shows us that life, like light, can bend, shift, and adapt in various ways, making life's appearance never be what it appears to be. Dragonfly's magic shows us to see through life's illusions and find our true vision. It calls us to transform within our lives and reminds us to feel deeply so we will have the compassion necessary to help ourselves and others.
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You Scored as Shaman

You are a Shamanic Empath. You are at one with nature and can speak with animal/plant life. Your powers come from the Sun & the Moon, and the elements. The weather moves with your mind and all of nature is at your beck and call. (from The Book of Storms by Jad Alexander at

Fallen Angel
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visited 40 states (80%)
Create your own visited map of The United States

Missed CO on the way out to Nevada. Same with the Dakotas. Still kicking myself for not driving the 8 more miles from our home in Reno to say I have been to California. But 80% of the country visited so far in my life.... NOT TOO SHABBY!
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It was a women's shamanic group here in Austin. The topic of the evening was Mandalas. I started mine, but need my colored pencils to finish it. (will get them in 2 weeks)
But the journey portion... WOAH!
The intention of my journey was to heal the broken heart. And the power that I found in the journey was overwhelming to my emotions. This is the poem that kind of sums it up:

Healing Beauty

The shattered pieces of my heart
Tumbling in the pounding surf
Dark and turbulent
Becoming smaller
Smoother, the sharpness gone
Fine grains being scattered on the shore
Sparkling in the full moon's light
Beauty transformed from such pain
Spread out for all
Given the time to heal

--Sam 01/2010

*HUGS* good night
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Had my first (non-agency) job interview tonight. It was with Burger's PT office. They lost their receptionists and are looking for 2. One needs to be bilingual, but I am not. But it still seemed like a good interview. She and I spoke for over and hour, and it was left that she would be calling my references and giving me a call in a few days. Sounds good to me! It is a bit of a commute, but not as bad as DC's traffic.

After the interview, I went to a furry meet up. Met some cool folks. Most of them a bit older than I was used to. Only a few in their late 20s the rest my age or older. :) Played a round of Martian Fluxx. Found out games are not the usual thing at these meet ups, but I may be able to influence a change to that. I have lots of portable pocket like games. It is a weekly meet, so I am sure to go again, even if it is on the far side of town. (45 min away in no traffic) Was asked if I am going to Furry Fiesta (, but can't really afford it at this point. Need to get said job first. :) But overall seemed like a good group and good conversation. Even met a few pagans who gave some hints to good groups in the area. And learned of a few other gaming stores to try out and try to meet folks. YAY!

I would rate tonight as a WIN!

Love you... angels watch over you,
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I have a friend that is looking to purchase a simple wheelchair or scooter in the DC metro area. She lives in Manassas. I figured I would put this out there to my friends and see if anyone knows of one or has one they no longer need. Please let me know. THANKS!
Comments screened.
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I saw this link and just had to share. AMAZING!
Have fun guessing!
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Your result for Reincarnation Placement Exam...

Reclusive Artist

56% Intrigue, 59% Civilization, 57% Humanity, 43% Urbanization.

We think we've found a place for you.

Your answers indicate that you're very fond of the fruits of civilization... for example, education and technology. But, in some twist of irony, you're not too fond of the pressures of civilization... you know, human beings and crowds and working together. We found you a place where you could enjoy an erudite existence, live a life that's intriguing and not entirely secure -- but far from the madding crowd.

Removed from civilization and humanity, yet educated and sophisticated, you'll make the perfect reclusive artist... An eccentric that produces irresistibly attractive masterpieces. Your art will make people swoon, and yet you will despise your audience. Your audience will probably dislike you as well, though they will go on admiring your work. So it all balances out, and your patrons will leave you alone to shape beauty in the wild, dangerous parts of the world where people won't pester you so much. Probably, you will write under a pseudonym, and mutter a lot when a rare admirer comes calling. If you feel really adventurous, you can pursue the role of a political dissident.

As you age, you will grow into the role of an incorrigible curmudgeon.

You artists, you're all the same.

Take Reincarnation Placement Exam at HelloQuizzy

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I was living in a park where I worked, not far from Washington, DC. I had turned on the radio to get the weather for the day, so I knew if I needed my jacket or not. I was confused by the broadcast about a plane crashing into one of the Twin Towers in NY.
I went down the hill to start my day and meet with the school group that was coming to experience Team Building. When one of the buses for a group that was already out on the course pulls in and says they are here to take the kids back. And this is when we found out that the Pentagon had also been hit. I remember feeling very confused and worried about my dad who works in DC.
All but one group left the park, and that group of children, many with parents that worked in the Pentagon, were left in complete bliss until the end of their day. Adults gathered in a bunk room, around my TV with it's crappy antenna, and we all watched in silence as the media tried to make sense of what was going on.
For many days after, everytime a plane flew overhead that was just a little low, I felt some fear. But I just remember being thankful that I was safe in my little home in the woods. Driving up 395 past the Pentagon in the months that followed was a reminder of that morning.
Now, 7 years later... I still remember those that lost their lives, praise those that fought to save so many, and wonder if those children realize how we tried to protect them by leaving them in ignorance for just a few more hours.
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