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ME? I am a huggable squishy chica who loves to play in the woods, search for treasure, get dirty,& spend time with my friends.
Camp holds my heart and always will. The call of the woods rings in my ears always... and if you are looking for my heart check the third fencepost!
I love curling up with blankets and pillows and my teddy bear when a real human is not available. Hugs and cuddles are not just a desire, but a need in my life. I admit it... I am a tactile slut. I live for touch, for..."It's the human touch in this world that counts the touch of your hand in mine. It means far more to the fainting heart than shelter bread or wine. The shelter is gone when the night is o're. The bread lasts for only a day. But the touch of your hand and the sound of your voice lingers in my soul always!"
I am an INTP, for those that understand MBTI.
I was at a crossroads in life, my compass was broken, so I started feeling my way. I am continuing to ask questions, to talk to people, and to find out who I was, am, and will be. I am being the source of my life and taking it full on!

Enjoy the babbling brook of my journal and mind. *HUGS*
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