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Had my first (non-agency) job interview tonight. It was with Burger's PT office. They lost their receptionists and are looking for 2. One needs to be bilingual, but I am not. But it still seemed like a good interview. She and I spoke for over and hour, and it was left that she would be calling my references and giving me a call in a few days. Sounds good to me! It is a bit of a commute, but not as bad as DC's traffic.

After the interview, I went to a furry meet up. Met some cool folks. Most of them a bit older than I was used to. Only a few in their late 20s the rest my age or older. :) Played a round of Martian Fluxx. Found out games are not the usual thing at these meet ups, but I may be able to influence a change to that. I have lots of portable pocket like games. It is a weekly meet, so I am sure to go again, even if it is on the far side of town. (45 min away in no traffic) Was asked if I am going to Furry Fiesta (, but can't really afford it at this point. Need to get said job first. :) But overall seemed like a good group and good conversation. Even met a few pagans who gave some hints to good groups in the area. And learned of a few other gaming stores to try out and try to meet folks. YAY!

I would rate tonight as a WIN!

Love you... angels watch over you,

Date: 15 Jan 2010 23:56 (UTC)
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Trying to tie two interest groups together rarely works. Furry gaming groups are few and far between. You may be better off finding a gaming group separate from the furry group.


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