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I was living in a park where I worked, not far from Washington, DC. I had turned on the radio to get the weather for the day, so I knew if I needed my jacket or not. I was confused by the broadcast about a plane crashing into one of the Twin Towers in NY.
I went down the hill to start my day and meet with the school group that was coming to experience Team Building. When one of the buses for a group that was already out on the course pulls in and says they are here to take the kids back. And this is when we found out that the Pentagon had also been hit. I remember feeling very confused and worried about my dad who works in DC.
All but one group left the park, and that group of children, many with parents that worked in the Pentagon, were left in complete bliss until the end of their day. Adults gathered in a bunk room, around my TV with it's crappy antenna, and we all watched in silence as the media tried to make sense of what was going on.
For many days after, everytime a plane flew overhead that was just a little low, I felt some fear. But I just remember being thankful that I was safe in my little home in the woods. Driving up 395 past the Pentagon in the months that followed was a reminder of that morning.
Now, 7 years later... I still remember those that lost their lives, praise those that fought to save so many, and wonder if those children realize how we tried to protect them by leaving them in ignorance for just a few more hours.


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